Semalt's Plugin For WordPress

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Plugins
  3. Semalt's Plugin for WordPress
  4. Features of the Plugin
  5. What it does for a business
  6. Who can benefit from the plugin?
  7. How to Install
  8. Pricing
  9. Conclusion


There is an endless list of tools, services, and products online that can help a business owner make more money online. Some of them are popularly known, such as; website development and design, website content writing and management, marketing and advertisement, graphic design, etc. Many website owners today would get the above-mentioned services and expect to see a rush of traffic to their site. Sadly, it doesn't work this way. It takes more than a design and some texts to make a site first on Google's result page.

So what then does the website need? Using the title of this guide as a judge, you would say 'Plugins'. Even though plugins are very effective in taking a website from page 10 to page 1 on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), it's not every plugin that's effective like that. Some plugins are for other reasons like decreasing ads, or to help organize websites. And only an SEO plugin can help you rank better. Semalt's plugin is an SEO plugin and since most websites are created with WordPress, this guide would reveal all there is to know about Semalt's plugin for WordPress

By the end of this guide, you would know what an SEO plugin is, its benefit, how Semalt's plugin works, and how to install it. But first, what's an ordinary plugin?


A plugin is an additional tool that improves or decreases the functionality of a program. In this case, it is software that is added to a website (hosted from WordPress). It contains certain functions that can either extend the preexisting functions of the website or create a new one. Plugins make it easy for anyone and everyone to modify their website without having to know the technicalities of coding. 

There are thousands of plugins available with several functions on them. Some are free and others are paid for. But as good as plugins sound, there are good and bad ones. Bad plugins can slow down the website, cause it to crash, or dis-organize the website's structure. That's why it is best to be fully aware of the best plugins to use before installing them. And according to many reviews, Semalt's SEO plugin for WordPress is among the few best SEO plugins we have.

Semalt's Plugin for WordPress

The Semalt plugin is created by one of the few reputable SEO companies - Semalt. Founded in 2013, they have continued to serve thousands of clients worldwide with many positive testimonials to account for it. Their team of experts, including SEO specialists, graphic designers, website creators, content writers, marketing specialists, SEO consultants, and so on, all work together to provide free and paid SEO services for a business. 

Aside from the plugin for WordPress, their other products and services include free website analytics, keyword research, link building, website audit, SEO expert support, content writing, custom e-commerce SEO strategy, rank tracking, page speed analyzer, white-label reports, APIs, SSL certificate installation service with consultation, extension for chrome, and ready-made websites for sale among others. 

The plugin was formed to grant SEO services to their customers without them leaving their website or browser. That's why it is hence called 'an all-in-one SEO plugin. They are designed to monitor and protect the SEO ranking of the website among other things. And a website that ranks high, has a greater chance to be seen and visited.

Features of the Plugin 

The Semalt SEO plugin is tagged all-in-one, meaning that there are a lot of things embedded in the plugin to help track SERP ranks. Below are the functions programmed in a Semalt plugin for WordPress websites:
  1. Keywords in TOP: This function allows its users to check what keywords their websites are ranked for in Google's result page (to know which to keep using and which to stop using). It also helps to know the website's position for any keyword on SERP. The sub-functions under this tool include 'number of keywords in TOP' (which shows what search engine has your website ranked for a keyword or more), 'Keyword changes over time' (this shows the number of TOP-ranking keyword that has changed), and 'Keyword rankings.'
  2. Best Pages: This is another function of the SEO plugin and it allows users to view which page on their website draws in the most traffic. This would help the website owner to know which page to promote during marketing. The sub-sections include 'Best page changes over time' (which shows the pages that have been ranked high by Google in a period of a few weeks or months), 'difference in performance', and 'pages in TOP.'
  3. Competitors: This function is dedicated to tools that help to monitor your competitors so that you can fix what is right and/or wrong with your website. It shows the websites that rank in Google from 1 to 100 for keywords that you also use. The sub-sections include 'position in competitors rank' (this shows the position of your website among competitor's websites in keywords TOP 1-100), 'shared keywords', 'shared keywords dynamics', and 'competitors in Google TOP.'
  4. Page speed Boost: Finally, the plugin helps to increase and boost page loading speed by optimizing on-page images. Images such as infographics, how-to images, product photos, or illustrated instructions are known to slow down a website causing it to lag or drag. Therefore, Semalt SEO adopts the use of a CDN (content delivery network) to ensure that images load as fast as lightning. This is especially great for e-commerce and news websites. 

What it does for a business 

Semalt SEO gives users many features in one plugin software. The software is also frequently updated which means that the analytical data are recent. The plugin also has a friendly user interface that's easy to use with detailed graphics and lots of data filters. Not to mention that it is free of charge. So what are the things that your business stands to gain by using the WordPress plugin on your WordPress hosted website?
  1. It is a surefire way to boost your website's SEO ranking and page loading speed.
  2. It also increases your chances of appearing on the first page of SERPs by optimizing your website for SERPs.
  3. With the plugin, you can see your content's readability and how effective your keywords are. 
  4. It shows you your most potential website page and allows you to make productive changes to increase its magnet in bringing customers. 
  5. The plugin helps to increase your business's visibility online.
  6. With Semalt SEO, optimization tasks are made easy, automated, more efficient, and quicker.
  7. It reviews and optimizes your website structure so that it becomes easy to crawl and index by search engine bots. This increases your chances of being on the first page of SERPs.
  8. It guides and reviews website content by allowing you to monitor what keywords have more potential. 
In general, the Semalt SEO plugin is an effective tool that guides its user towards increased visibility through sustainable and organic means, more traffic, a boost in sales, and finally a long-lasting increase in revenue with loyal customers and brand reputation. 

Who can benefit from the plugin? 

So far, the Semalt SEO plugin sounds like a sweet deal but who are the people that can benefit from this service? In simple terms, anyone with a website hosted by WordPress can benefit from the plugin. Whether or not you own an e-commerce website, a news website, a corporate one, institutional, etc., you can enjoy all the previously mentioned benefits of Semalt SEO. SEO agencies, freelancers, and specialists can also gain a thing or two from this plugin. 

How to Install 

Below is a step-by-step on how to install the Semalt SEO plugin for WordPress.
You can also install the plugin using a manual method: 


After all that has been mentioned about Semalt's SEO plugin, it's normal to worry about how much it would cost to have all these services. Without beating around the bush, Semalt's SEO Plugin for WordPress is FREE with frequent updates. This means that anyone can access the package for free. All that is needed is knowledge on how to use it. 


The goal of every online business is to make money. And the surest way to keep making money is to stay visible, have a good brand reputation, drive in traffic, and have good content or website structure that keeps them coming back for more. Using a Semalt SEO plugin for WordPress will serve these benefits on a silver platter and more. And it comes at no charge. You can check any of their official websites to get started with Semalt's Plugin for WordPress